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an image of the landing page for world boxing network which was a complete website design from a tampa company.

Is It Time To Re-Design? Take Our Short Quiz

Your web site is designed, launched, and promoted. Now you are expecting visitors. A commercial site should attract new buyers. A brochure site should bring in new phone calls and clients. An organizational site should attract users or even donors. What if this just isn't happening? What if people come to your site, and then leave before the first page has even finished loading?


It may be time for a re-design, to reassess the layout, quality and design of your site. Sometimes it needs only minor tweaks, in other cases it may need a complete overhaul. How would you know? Take the following short quiz as a guide.


When you type in your web address in the address field of your browser and click Go, does your first page snap? There are some sites that when you have clicked on a page, you waite as one image after another loads, taking seconds to completely load the page.


Can you tell from a 5-second glance at your Home page, what the site is about, who it's intended for? Your company's name and logo should be prominently displayed. The visual elements of your site -- colors, typography, layout, images -- should be suited to the nature of the company or organization and to the viewers the site is intended to attract.


Does your site look professional? A professional appearance does not need to have all the bells and whistles in the universe on it, nor does it have to cost an arm and a leg to achieve a professional look. But achieving it does require more than a rudimentary grasp of a few computer programs. Graphics and photos must be attractive and of high quality. All visual elements should enhance, rather than impede, comprehension. The layout should draw the eye to the content of your site and there should not be so much going on that the viewer can't focus on one thing.


Is there high-quality content on your site? Even though you may be offering something that is attractive visually, written content is what your viewers learn from and high-quality content is what all search engines use to rate the quality of your site.


Is your navigation consistent and dependable? Web site navigation comes in many shapes and forms. There is simple text hyperlinks. There are graphic roll over buttons. There is java script menus that display drill down topics. The point is, does your navigation get your viewer around your site easily and back to the beginning or does it lose them somewhere in no mans land. If your site uses a java script drill down menu system, are there text hyperlinks to various pages within your content or at the bottom of the page. Search engines index sites by the links to various pages, search engines can’t read the links in java scripts when they are indexing your site.


If your site has numerous pages and topics, is there a site wide site map and/or "search" feature? A search feature on a content rich site can assist the viewer to find pertinent information. If not a search feature at least a site map listing each page and a brief description of what’s found on that page. This can assist the viewer and helps search engines index all the pages of your site.


Does your site tell the viewer who you are and where you can be found? On many sites, when you click on the “Contact Us” page you find a phone number, email address or a submit form. A web site is like a business storefront or office. Even if you are a consultant, let the viewer know where you are. Tell the viewer a little about you so they feel confident about doing business with you.


Has the site been optimized for search engines? This may not be an easy one to answer unless you know what to look for when you view the source of your site. But, if you are looking at your site on IE, you can go to the top of the page and click on the View tab and then click on Source. You will now see a lot of programming code. But don’t let that scare you. Near the top of all web pages is an area under a tag called <HEAD>. Look for the lines that way TITLE, META DESCRIPTION and META KEYWORDS. If they are there, read what they say and see if they really relate to your company. Your page content should relate to these TAGS. Also, if your site is completely FLASH, or only images, you may want to consider adding content rich text.


Is my site viewable across a wide variety of browsers and computers? Checking if your site works as well on a Mac as it does on a PC, may be difficult if you don’t own both. But what you can do is download various browsers and see what and how your site works. Try downloading Firefox, Netscape and Mozilla browsers, install them and then view your site.


Are you proud to show off your site? Many people just don’t think about this, but after looking at the web sites of your competitors or other sites in general, are you proud to show off your site?


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